Bob Reuter’s Alley Ghost “Behind Enemy Lines.” NEW!

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Hot off the press, the new music video from Front Company Cinema and Hier Films does not disappoint. “Behind Enemy Lines,” by Bob Reuter’s Alley Ghost is the first video the band as put together since the sudden and tragic death of Bob Reuter. His death shocked the underground music community across the country, but especially Saint Louis, along with close friends and family members of Bob.

After the successful release of the “Dana Dew,” music video in January of 2013. Front Company Cinema and Hier Films were quickly back to the drawing board, excited to take things to the next level artistically and visually for, “Behind Enemy Lines.” This video was originally planned for shooting on August 23rd of 2013, just three weeks after Bob’s untimely and tragic death on August the 3rd.
Obviously, things had to be put aside to deal with the confusion, denial, sadness, and huge loss of a Saint Louis music icon. Wolfgang Lehmkuhl, Director of Front Company Cinema, just had to put this project aside after months of planning and preparation, Bob’s death lead to a lot of confusion and sadness, and no one knew how to continue appropriately, and rightly so.

Once the dust cleared and the tears dried for everyone close to Bob Reuter and the band, Bob Reuter’s Alley Ghost, everyone involved knew the show and legacy of Bob’s music must go on. So early this year planning picked up again and shooting began come February. This was a one day shoot and was edited together between fifty tracks of video, making this the most tedious editing project to date for Hier Films. Editing was made even more complicated as half the video was shoot with a VHS Camcorder, and had to be converted to High Definition, before editing could even start to begin. All-time considered post-production took about three weeks of editing time at the table before completion.

It’s great to see this project completed and everyone involved agrees that Bob Reuter would be super proud of this video.

Enjoy, link to video below.

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