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Hier Films aspires to capture the mysteries of our world utilizing all aspects of film and video production to educate and showcase the endless natural wonders of our planet. I’m Cole Hieronymus, the sole operator of Hier Films, and I have more than a decade worth of video production experience. I’ve worked on a wide array of creative and corporate projects from shorts and feature-length films, as well as, music videos, political ads, and a variety of product and business promotional videos. Over the years my video production skills have increased exponentially just as my appreciation and understanding of the importance of this existence. So, I’d like to take a brief moment to share a few of my personal experiences as I feel many individuals will relate to my story in some way.

Just a few years ago I found myself at a low point both physically and mentally. I found myself very depressed and filled with a lot of anger and frustration largely do to the monotony of everyday life while attempting to pave a path for myself at a young age. I found myself at my heaviest weighing 265 pounds. I was a heavy cigarette smoker and I found myself drinking more than I’d probably like to admit. I found myself participating in things that I despised about our modern society. Spending entire evenings in front of the television and/or playing video games with a drink in hand. I was eating out at fast-food restaurants on almost a daily basis and perhaps multiple times in one day. I drank soda like it was the fountain of youth and made frequent stops at gas stations for drinks and snacks. On the weekends I was a regular bar-hopper and embarrassingly will admit knew a few bartenders by name and they knew me.

At the beginning of 2015 after stepping on a scale and having officially gained 100 pounds since my high school days along with seeing my long-term relationship crumbling in front of my eyes and finding no fulfillment in my current lifestyle. I decided that this was my tipping point and was the time to make the shift in my own actions and behaviors to ultimately take control of my destiny. Now a few years removed from that time I can comfortably share this information with you because I’ve succeeded in changing my actions and behaviors and have corrected my course. I’m 70 pounds down and have held there for over a year. I’m well over a year removed from smoking, no more drive-thrus, no more excessive drinking, no more soda and no more television. I’ve even become an active practitioner of Zen meditation, which has truly helped me to overcome many mental obstacles and reinforced my new lifestyle choices on my journey to becoming the best me possible.

I share this information with you because I know many individuals are struggling with their own battles. Your life truly doesn’t begin until you decide to take back control and own up to your current situation. The fact that you’re on the internet reading this story is enough information for me to know that you’re in control of your life at this point. There are individuals that will help you along your path in life, but only you can truly save yourself to reach your fullest potential. I hope to utilize film and video to inspire others to make difficult changes in their life while analyzing their own actions and behaviors to make the necessary changes. I strive to help enable you by producing the best videos possible to get you to your next level of success. My production is focusing on environmentally conscious causes, businesses, organizations, and products. While also traveling to capture as many different places, people and cultures all in an effort to help other cultivate a greater understanding and appreciation for the diversity and beauty of this world.



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